Landlord Tenant Court Representation

Our team covers all issues encountered in ownership and management of residential real estate. We provide our clients with detailed, step-by-step representation and advice on all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship from the creation of the tenancy through its termination.

When we represent you on a nonpayment of rent or non-compliance case, our only goal is to process your evictions quickly and efficiently. Cases can be started by phone, fax, email, or through our interactive website - Case status can be checked on our interactive website any time of the day; 24/7. Printed reports are also available through the site.

Summary of Areas of Practice:

Forcible and Special Detainers: preparing and filing the initial pleadings, in court legal representation, trial, and all post-trial proceedings and bankruptcy; post-petition rent claims and relief from stay.

Preparation of all legal notices and arranging service upon tenants by licensed process servers.

  • Creating the tenancy: We help you understand your rights and duties during all phases of the tenancy.
  • Lease and document review and assessment with suggested changes of your current lease, rules and regulations, and other leasing forms.
  • For your convenience we are glad to draft lease and other tenancy related documents, policies and procedures.
  • Fair Housing considerations in tenant selection and interaction with tenants in enforcing the lease.
  • Security deposit return and tenant (abandoned) property return or disposition.
  • Toxic mold infestations, lead paint and meth labs in rental dwellings.
  • Death and disability of tenants including instructions on how to guide your tenant's family during this difficult time.
  • Legal procedures for mobile home, condominiums and single family homes evictions.
  • Interpretation of the National Apartment Association lease and forms.
  • Interpretation of the Arizona Multihousing Association lease and forms.