Client Services Welcome!

We have designed this section with you in mind and welcome your feeback on how to make it more useful. Have suggestions? Need a User ID and Password? Please click here to send us an e-mail or call us at (602) 957-7877.

This section was developed to address two recent trends in the apartment industry.

Too much work, too little time - By allowing each community to create writs and satisfactions, print forms and read relevant legal articles on this site at any time; 24/7 you and your team can do this work on your schedule, not ours. You can also check the status of each of your cases at any time of the day and can print reports detailing each pending case.

Staff turnover - We've done two things to address this issue for our clients:

First we have implemented a thirty minute (in-person or on the telephone) orientation for every new manager we identify. We have dedicated a member of our staff to this task and when a client new staff member is identified we call to arrange for the orientation.

The orientation includes a review of unique Arizona laws and specific areas of the Landlord tenant law that need to be considered, a review of our law firm, how we work and what we can provide in terms of legal cases, notices, support, and training. An option here is a Fair Housing review so that your new staff person can hit the ground running.

Second our website provides a central place for any staff member, current or new, to access up-to-date information about the pending cases at their community. New staff members won't have to struggle to find this information. It will be available when they need it and they won't have to search old files to get a status report.