About Scott Clark Law

I started our firm nearly 25 years ago to serve one industry in Arizona; Residential Multi-Housing Property Managers.  Since then, a lot more properties have been built across the state and equally more renters have moved in.  Throughout the growth opportunities and challenges, Scott Clark Law remains as dedicated today as we did from the start to serving the legal needs of Arizona’s Residential Multi-Housing Property Managers.

Scott Clark Law is your full service resource for Residential Multi-housing Property Management law.  We stay current on the law, practice and defense of business and real estate litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, fair housing defense, affordable and subsidized housing and landlord tenant court representation including eviction proceedings and environmental emergencies.

Scott Clark Law:  Accurate, timely and affordable guidance and advocacy for Residential Multi-housing Property Managers.

Our Attorneys


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  • Cody

    Office Manager


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  • Rueben

    Finance Manager


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  • Amy

    Eviction Specialist


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  • Lila

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  • Keri

    Processing Specialist


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  • Maria

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  • Beatriz

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  • Judy

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