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While the Arizona Multi Housing Association (AMA) is the fourth largest apartment association in the country the resources, education, information, networking and government affairs representation its members receive are second to none.

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About the Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, PC

Our firm is focused on serving one industry in Arizona; the Residential Property Management industry. For the past 23 + years we have been advocates for apartment owners and managers large and small representing their interests in every part of the State of Arizona.

We are a full service resource to this industry. Whether your issue involves the eviction proceedings of a difficult resident, defense of a Fair Housing allegation, the handling of an environmental emergency or solving the inevitable and unexpected situations that arise with real estate holdings, our team is ready to provide you with accurate, timely and affordable guidance and advocacy.

We understand that there is more to real estate than a site or the structures that exist on it. And while your property and its physical plant are a big part your business we recognize that they are also home to a diverse group of residents with complex issues that require a great deal of sensitivity and expertise.

At the Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, PC we make every aspect of your business, our business. We focus exclusively on the rental apartment industry. We are your advocates.

To learn more about the firm please visit the other pages on our website, especially the Client Services page which enables clients to view status about each case.

I look forward to discussing your needs in greater detail. Please feel free to call me or send me an e-mail at scott@scottclarklaw.com.

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